2016 in a cup

Just about time for the “new year, new me bulls*ts”. As much as I love optimistic posts about how I am going to lose weight, study more, eat healthy, drop smoking and so on, this is not your standard HAPPY NEW YEAR post.

2016 was a year that “made me realise things” aka Kylie Jenner. A year that changed me from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0, haven’t decided yet. Watching yourself evolving is kinda harsh when you don’t know which way you are heading to. Fronts? Backwards? The good thing is that no one is standing still. Either you want it or not you move. You gotta move. If you are going fronts well done, keep going. If you are going backwards and everything feels like drowning, never mind! Anyhow, from the dearest bottom you can only go up.

During this year, many times I lied hopes on others and let them get into my heart without them having earned that. I let people think that I will always  be there, no matter if they will be there for me. I worn myself out sometimes, only to know that others are fine. And even though I did that with all my heart there were times that I craved the same thing from them. The one thing that I continuselly forgot, was the fact there are not many people in this world that are willing to mess up their calmness in order to get yours in a row.


“selfish & true AF”

So in between those realisations I got to understand one major thing. For every friend lost, for every crooked relationship and for every heart broken there is no one to blame. Really no one. It’s not their fault and it’s not yours either. Relationships, have an amazing start, a full of hopes meantime and a much needed end. This is the way it goes. Start, halfway, end. If you are lucky enough to find your “forever” never ever let it go. Because people are now afraid of forever, afraid of becoming a habit, afraid of everything that might have a little sense in their lives.

Every year has its ups and downs and can challenge every one of us in a different way. I didn’t meant to be irritating or speak upsetting words but these words are my 2016 in a cup. No one is going to save you, if you are not willing to save yourself. Challenges are there only to get our skin thicker and our hearts stronger. Life, unfortunately, is not only fancy cocktails and amazing outfits is also hard times, bad dreams and wrong connections. What makes us special though is, on what we choose to focus on. Dare to focus only in good things, attract positive energy and then spread the light.

For this year I choose creativity and eagerness. Likely, my never resting soul teamed up with my bestie’s kinda weirdo soul and we made “DRUMROLL” 90’sglaze. Two girls/ friends/ monsters with zero knowledge on youtube, video making, and those stuff we just decided that this friendship only lacks a camera. This is a youtube channel narrowing our everyday life, advices and our life in total. This year we decided to glaze it up a little, and of course we want you with us. I don’t know how this new ear s going to treat us but we are not intending to be quite.


XoXo, Angelique ❤



Angelique ❤


An umbrella journal

It was long time ago when me and my boyfriend D decided that this summer we are going to have a roadtrip no matter what . Even though I have done plenty of roatrips with my parents in the past, it was the first time that I had to sit on the front passenger’s seat for that much time . And believe me I was super excited about it . Even though we weren’t really sure where we would go, I couldn’t help but thinking how awsome these vacations would be . When we reached at the decision of tripping through Parga, Paxoi & Antipaxoi and finally Lefkada, I couldn’t help myself .

Immediately I started googl-ing  the locations and find out as much  information as I could to make this trip unforgettable . It got me by suprise when I saw photographs of the places we would visit, they looked amazing, like card postals . At first I thought, nah, they must be edited somehow, but no they we trully stunning . So I created a day by day journal of this trip so you can also see the amazing-ness of Greece and, well, some of my outfits . Enjoy 🙂

DAY 1 

The thing about Parga is its vibe . It is on land but I would swear it  is an island . The people, the colors, the view, the experience you get walking around and absorbing the light is kind of inevitable . We will be back Parga, I promise .

( the view from the port of Parga – colors that match the cheerfulness of this place )

( orange is a thing lately so I gave it a shot between those picturesque tiny streets of Parga )

( on our way to Enetic Castle of Parga, I loved the motion of this photo, makes me wanna go to the castle too ! Oh, wait I did ! ) 

( my bag owes to this view as much as we did )



The second day we took a ship from Parga and cruised around Paxoi & Antipaxoi . There is something magical about the Ionian blues and there wasn’t a better way to witness it than a cruise . We got on board early so we could see as much of those blues as we could . Paxoi definetely represent the greek beauty, that combines strict arcitecture with a touch of kindness , the light blue of sea and deep green of mountains . This cruise leaved us owed .


( here is one of the “Blue caves”. I think we all understand how they got their name. Honestly, it was so calm swimming in these waters that only the thought of it, brings me tranquillity )


( at Paxous we ate this delicious plate of pasta, made with their own traditional way. The food was amazing as well as the hommamade gellato they offered us later )

( I am having a bay watch moment into the blues of Antipaxoi )

( this DIY desing in Paxous really got me. I never thought of a chair on a wall, and still they fit perfectly. Imagination and creativity always lead to eye catching projects if you trully believe in them )



The third day consisted a lot of car driving because we went from Parga to Lefkada . The road was easy and we decided to stop and visit “Kathisma” in Lefkada . This beach was stunning, not only for its amazing colors but also for its breathtaking view . A lot of people were doing extreme sports there and I regret that I haven’t tried. Late night we arrived at our hotel in Vasiliki, a little town in the end of the island . This day we decided to take no pictures and keep it all in our memories . I only shot a boomerang of the beautiful, Vasiliki.



Last day, uhh . It was my favorite day of all . We visited Porto Katsiki, the most stunning beach in Lefkada . White imposing stones hugging the beach making natural shadow ’till late evening for those who didn’t own an umbrella. Even though we had to go down taking the 300 stairs I would do it a thousand times again to enjoy Porto Katsiki’s fantastic view and sea .


( I never thought I would go down 300 stairs, but this view was everything and I needed to swim asap because 35°C weren’t any kind of bearable )


( well that’s my best view, him & the sea ❤ )


( when you are not beach ready but your outfit is so cool )


( at night we visited an amazing restaurant which was on 650 m. height and this was our view. Not bad for last day,  huh ? )

P.S. : It was one of the best vacays I ever did . The places, the people, the idea of roadtrip, were even better than I ever imagined . Can’t wait for my next ones ❤


Wedding diaries

Well, well, well look who’s here . Long time no see . After 8 months of total absence I am back at it . Even though I neglected the blog that much time, and I feel tons of guilts about it, I must admit that I was really trying to post something but all of these tries end up being drafts . So I couldn’t help but wonder, is there something wrong with the theme I chose to write about ? Maybe the pictures weren’t good enough ? Maybe the outfit ? The answer to all of these is no . Everything was fine, except the fact that I didn’t feel like posting .

I had the false idea that if I get to post something it had to be perfect in any way . Have you ever loved something that much that you wanted to be just perfect ?  If yes, I only have one advice for you; nothing becomes perfect, in any possible way, unless you work on/for it . So take an idea and make it big . Take a step and make it a journey . Take a moment and make it perfect . The thing about perfection is that it is differently conceived by any human being and that makes around 7,35 billions ideas of perfect . Choose the one that makes you feel all shades of cool and strive for it .

After understanding that it is not necessary to seek perfection but work for it, I decided to get back in the game . And what’s more exciting than deciding to make a new post ? Attending your cousin’s wedding in a whole new outfit, of course . She got married last week to her loved one, in an amazing location, and it was a beautiful, full of excitement wedding . What made it more exciting was the theme of it ; 60’s era . The bride looked flawless, the rest you can see in pictures below 😉

( it’s like an unrealistic wedding photo , the light, the scenery, everything combines perfectly )

( here comes the bride and the groom ❤ )

( over obsessed with her sunglasses, they add so much style that I would consider them as a wedding essential )


( drums !!! The whole outfit, the shoes, the dress and of course the amazing bouquet )

al's_photography.8-2( if something screams 60’s is this WOW car that transferred everywhere the newly married couple )

Aaaand that’s a wrap of the couple . Those amazing photos were taken by an extremely talented photographer “Stella” . You can visit her facebook page to check her work .

Back to my main photographer/sister ❤  Here’s my outfit of the night, I tried to co-operate with the theme .Hope you have eyes for my outfit after the stunning bride .

( no no my feet didn’t hurt, it is just the pose )

( here you can see the whole outfit; 👠shoes 👗skirt ,blouse 👝bag )


( I am struggling enough for you to understand my thing for  all open back style; give me blouses like that and you’ll have me smiling for long time )

( I was desperately looking for the perfect pair of black sandals, luckily I think I found them )

( the credits for my hair & make up to my bestie Effie, she is a talent and doesn’t even know it yet )

PS : Now that I am back, I promise you nothing but fresh ideas.



A few days ago I was with my mother and did our typical mother-daughter chatting which I love cause she seriously opens my eyes widely and gives me strength keeping my feet on the ground . We looked into pictures with outfits I like and I want to remake for the blog . Our favourite was one with a white culotte and bright pink t shirt . I fell in love with this outfit and so did my mother .

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Vitamin sea

The last few days my country Greece is going through some difficult times , it maybe the hardest and most harsh period since my day one . Those difficult times became a worldwide circus with networks all over the world cover all the latest events and decisions made by our politicians and european leaders . I would so easily started writing about this crisis because is what everyone and everyone discusses at this moment . But no I am not Continue reading