The pilot


Dear friends ,

As 2014 was leaving us far behind I made a simple yet critical thought . What if we let this year far behind us ? What if we dare to make the change we really need ?! Between the dazzle of christmas lights and new year’s eve glamour a flashback of 2014 hit me . At first all I wanted was to dismiss it but then I thought that life is moments .. little simple moments which make who we truly are . So I guess we should keep the good times in mind and forget enough so we can forgive everything that hurt us . Besides; isn’t this the right attitude to welcome 2015 ? Eyes open , hearts pure and minds a step further .
Keeping this spirit alive I decided to make my self a change that looks more like a “dream come true” . I decided to launch this blog called “AforAngelique” in order to channel my creativity , share what I love and be inspired . I proudly believe that all of us need to chase our dreams this year and never give up . ‘Cause there is no worse question to ask yourself than “what if I tried a little bit harder ?” . So I hope that you all have a happy creative and a hell of a new year !! Keep always in mind that we are all a fountain of emotions and words of which some we dare to feel and say .

My best wishes ,
Angelique xoxo


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