By the sea

Today my bff came to town and we wander around the the city for endless hours . While we were by the sea and took some photos for the blog a strange thought crossed my mind . Am I really passionate about something ? Something that I will set as a goal to perfect in the future ?

We all have a secret or a not-so-secret passion that we would like to follow but we are a little bit shy . Mine is photography .
I swear I have zero skills but I adore it . The reason I love photography that much is because I can see myself and everyone I choose to photograph as many times as I wish and maybe observe them more carefully . I can see how beautifully our flaws are combined .

It’s very interesting to meet new people and learn which their passion is . It’s like a reflection of their character and how they see themselves . What’s your passion ? Follow it and you’ll never know !! As Charles Bukowski said –find what you love and let it kill you .








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