As I was re-watching one of my favorite series “gossip girl” I really wondered about relationships in general .

What is a healthy relationship and of whom it is composed ? Initially I thought a healthy relationship needs two people and the unconditional love between them . But with a second and maybe a third thought I pointed my mistake out . A healthy relationship can be achieved with our own self too . And sometimes it’s the healthiest relation we will ever complete .

Think of it ..
To whom we never lied ? To whom we can’t hide a single thing ? To whom we confess all our little dirty secrets and the pains that keep us awake ? There is only one person and it’s ourself . It’s not that we are afraid to do all those things with another being. It’s just the fact that we are selfish and most of the times we are not comfortable revealing this side of ourselves to others .

Though it is amazing to have a healthy relation with yourself imagine how amazing is to have a healthy relationship with another person . And this relation may vary from friendly to family affair . I ain’t going to say much about healthy and interactive relationships as I have a long way yet to achieve one . But I strongly believe that when you feel right with yourself you are in the perfect place to start feeling right and more intimate with others too .



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