tumblr_n0ncskrzlL1sisf75o1_500Anthropologies say that one must dive into an unfamiliar world in order to totally understand his own . Is this what we really need in order to find ourselves ?

Life often leads us to crossroads and challenge us to make an order of chain decisions . Firstly , we have to choose which road should we take . The right one , the left one , go straight ahead or the way back ? After we choose the road we will follow we have to make an even more important decision which often is a witness of our character . Are we going to run or walk the road ? Will we cross the speed limit breaking the rules or we are not ready for the legal consequences ? Are we going to follow the path alone or with somebody’s hand in our hand ? Personally , I believe that some paths are made to be slowly walked with our special ones and then there are others that should be taken in a run , alone and not turning back for nobody .

Although life kick us into this pool of question marks only we can turn them into exclamation marks . I mean the answers of these questions are given by us having our mind in our heads ( sometimes 😛 ) and our souls filled with nerve . I can assure you that there will be obstacles and failures in every path we choose but always keep in mind that the only day we are not making mistakes is tomorrow !! Some paths are easy to be driven and others come with mud in our wheels , in any case the road you choose you’ll go .

Even though life doesn’t come up with a manual I do believe in two rules which apply in every human being and we know them from the very start .

  1. If it is too easy it probably won’t worth it .
  2. If it is too hard you probably make it even harder in your head .
    So as long as we live we have to choose roads and paths and once we find our true selves we either keep up on the same road or pick another and start all over again . But ain’t this the sweetness of life ? Getting lost and be found again !


( a part of my desk when I write , those colours inspire and ignite my thoughts while I am listening Acoustic Covers playlist on spotify)


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