Ready Steady Go

While I was having a hot pot of homemade espresso at my cousin’s house and talked about problems , boys , love , hate , loneliness she brought to the surface something I never thought before . She is now graduating and set up some very particular targets for her life , even though she doesn’t feel that way . So I couldn’t help but wonder which are my targets ? To what I opt for , for my life ?

The gap between me at the present times and me in the future seemed so huge it scared the sh*t out of me . This is the list of the things I wanted to do by 22 when I was 12 years old as seen in my dairy :

  • Learn french
  • Make my own money
  • Visit at least 4 countries 
  • Drive a fancy car 
  • Fall in love with life
  • and Fall in love with the ”one”


( Excuse my fairy attitude to life I carry it since little girl and can’t be fixed 😉 )

By looking this list and compare it to the list I make in my mind now , I can see that people’s expectations grow bigger along with their age . So the question is ; Big targets and aggressive attitude in order to achieve them or little targets and kind steps in order to enjoy the ride ? As you may understand everyone has their own way and I can’t answer this question myself . I only made a conclusion … I’ve never learned french , I don’t know how to drive a car and I only visited two foreign countries . And I am pretty sure I won’t achieve the rest of the list in just two years . I am not saying that is bad to set targets cause this is what keep us going . But the next time we will do so we have to be more realistic . Think of today and tomorrow try to forget the year before and the year after . Act like you have a plan but be sure you can alter that plan if something goes wrong . Cause there is nothing more productive than making plans work in your own way .

So now that I turn 20 I only make this list 

  • Be happy with myself
  • Surround my life with positive people 
  • Learn that nothing is going as planned but this is what makes life adventurous 

Sincerely yours Angelique , XoXo ❤


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