The days are not forgotten

They say home is where the heart is . My bestie moved to another town to study and she felt like home there so I had to make a quick trip and make some exceptional memories with her for this new chapter of her life . She moved to Ioannina,Greece … one of the most amazing and picturesque cities around the country . As you can imagine we planned this trip around a month ago but when I arrived we followed not a single plan . This happened to you too , right ? So if I know something is : no plan is a good plan . 

Well this post is going to be a little different from the others . At first I thought to do a summary of the trip combined with some photos but then I realised that this trip was all about stories so I made up my mind . The result was something like a journal , and as they say a picture worths a thousand words . I hope you ll enjoy it as much as I did .


(Roaming around the old town of Ioannina I discovered this little treasure .. I had to take some photos ! Luckily my friend , Efi , has endless patience with my photo addiction ) 


( Holding ELLEgr which has pink hues on its cover matching the pale wall and make the perfect contrast with my striped turtleneck )


( as I searched a little bit more I found this graphic door and stairs where I played it kinda serious -don’t believe my strict eyesight I laughed the hardest after the shot- )


( walking out of the old town and seeing how happy my friend was all I needed was to capture the moment . She being happy and me being happier about her )


( later this day I tasted one of the best American cheesecake I ever did and I ever will . I am pretty sure there was a party happening in my mouth with every little bite . Efi ate a cake made with bananas called banofi . The bistro-patisserie is named Motley and is a must if you visit Ioannina )


( waking up next morning or may I say noon , I painted my lips ombre and got ready for a never ending night walk around the town )


( as the sun came down and after a lot of cocktails I found the most amazing and inspiring road in the town . It had a checked floor and small balconies filled with flowers . I loved how it looked at night with that deep yellow light , and that’s the reason I am not going to fix its exposure )


( not much ’bout this photo . Me looking somewhere else thinking how fast good things end -loving the lighting so so much- )


( we could not end the night much better . A selfie of a selfie . Epic moments , great laughs , friends reunited , meeting new people and loving life )

P.S. : Between all that Ioannina dazzle I cannot think anything better than love and being love in return .

Always yours , Angelique XoXo ❤


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