The bridge and the girl

Another weekend is done . Seriously why people love weekends so much ( me included ) ? I guess is the freedom that Monday’s won’t bring to you and the anticipation that Thursday’s hide . Anyway , spring has sprung and I feel it in my bones ! Do you ? It is amazing what a little bit of sunlight can do to you . Due to the bad weather last week I didn’t post anything but when the sun came out I instantly wanted to take thousands of pictures and write thousands of positive posts cause my thoughts were literally dancing in my head .

So on Friday on my way home after my classes at uni , I saw the amazing sunset behind the bridge near to my house . It had me at the first sight , really ! I had to take some pictures . So on Saturday and at the same time I climbed the bridge and took tons of them . It is not the best landscape you will ever see but it brings you feelings .. to me at least it does . And that is because that bridge has a story for me …

There are some certain places around your home and your neighbourhood which mean so much to you cause you have them connected with events and faces . To me that bridge is one of them . Kisses , giggles , fightings , hide and seeks all wrapped into a tall silver and graceless bridge . And here it comes the quote of the day : everything has beauty but not anyone can see it . How cliché but how true at the same time huh ?








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