Lust will last

I don’t know if you ever felt this way but I got this thing with sunny days . They inspire me and make me wanna get off my bed ( which is something I hadly do 😛 ) and do things that make me happy . I wanna hear Beatles songs , while I update the blog at my backyard and go for endless walks with people I love . Cause these things scream happiness for me .

As another week comes to the very end I have to say it was one of the best and one of the most active weeks of my 19 and something years of life . You surely wonder why . Well I did nothing for myself but all the things I did filled my heart with love . It sounds awkward , I know , but I am going to explain my self right away .

A month ago when me and my cousin , Vivi , learned that she is finally getting her degree by 31 of March in geology we started planning this day as every girl would do . So a madness of clothes shoes and make up followed and I was right there in the front line cause this is what friends/family do . At graduation day she was ready for a new start and just gorgeous . We were ready to hit the ceremonial hall when I remembered that I had an important test to sit . So I run quickly at my school , sat the test and got back at the restaurant were my cousin and her friends celebrating her success . Till that time I was counting 6 hours up in heels .

After lots of laughs and giggles at the table I had to run to catch up another meeting . My other cousin , Kathrin , is getting married in September so the wedding gown hunting has started . We visited two wedding houses , which was a pretty amazing and tearful experience . She tried on a lot of gowns and though she looked stunning in each one of them I think she is going to choose the most surprising one . But you know I have to keep my mouth shut until the wedding day , shh . Till that time I was counting 10 hours up in heels .

At the end of the day I was kind exhausted but filled with so much enthusiasm and love .Actually , I would perfectly fit this one quote : At the end of the day your feet should be dirty , your hair messy and your eyes sparkling . I slept tight cause I knew the next day would be over scheduled too .

By the time sun risen I woke up , drank my everyday much needed cup of coffee and head to university . After 6 hours of chemical compounds and crazy experiments I had to go to my really good friend’s , Eva , school . There I had my styling , hair and make-up did by professionals . But why ? She is studying fashion designing and aims to be a fashion designer one day, which I totally believe .Well she had a project and chose me as a model . At this point I have to clarify that I am not a model I am just a friend who crazily loves to take and be taken photos . After the style-make up-hair routine Eva me and the photographer started shooting in an amazing landscape . It was an awesome experience to work with all kinds of professionals .

To sum up these two days were full of sun , friends and whole new experiences . Though my scheduled was overdue I would repeat these days again & again cause when we get older the only thing left will be moments . So make sure to have plenty of them . I am just trying to make my own .

me and Vivi at the table

ready for my style- makeup-hair routine


the result of the photoshoot , hope you all like it


Always yours , 

Angelique XoXo ❤ 


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