The white dress

While I was transitioning my closet from wintery clothes to summer ones I discovered my Little White Dress which I never wore before cause I felt like a bridesmaid .But now the weather is good and it feels literally like summer in Greece I decided to wear it and make a post about it , generally for the colour white.

During winter my tumblr page was full of photos that wrote : Black is my happy colour . Well I proudly declare that white is my happy colour . It’s not that I don’t like black .. Instead I adore it . But white brings me smiles and happy memories . It reminds me of sunny summer days when nothing really matters except you and your next mojito . Best feeling ever , right ?

Anyway I leave aside my addiction to white and I will show you some photos with the dress . I have to add that I am pretty excited that sandal season is finally here .

( it’s the smile I was telling you about before )

( the dress kinda reminded me of ancient greek attire so I paired it with braided hair and sandals ) 


( I love how green contrasts white )

( the entire look )

( I got some flowers from my backyard and yes I definitely look like a bridesmaid here )

( even though the exposure it’s heavy I like how sun is bombing that photo )


P.s : Life is not always either white or black . It’s a million grey ideas .

Always yours ,

Angelique Xoxo ❤


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