Sweet as lemon 

Oh yes dear you read correctly . Lemon can be sweet , as long as it is in a lemon pie ! Today’s post is going to be about a super easy and tasteful lemon pie recipe .
Now that summer is knocking on our doors and heat is becoming an everyday issue I needed to come up with something easy and refreshing . Then it popped in my head “LEMON PIE” . Well , I feel kind of guilty for not choosing sandals and shorts but I can do both , right ? Anyway , I immediately started searching for a recipe . And guess what … I found the most easy , cheap , yummy and no skills needed one . So put on your chef uniform , your favorite music playlist and let’s begin!


  1. For the the base
  • 220 gr. digestive biscuits
  • 90 gr. butter

    2. For the filling 

  • 1 lemon ( its juice and its peel ) 
  • 2 egg yolks ( the yellow part of an egg ) 
  • 1 ( nearly 400 gr ) sweetened milk 

I am going to show you the procedure through images and not only a simple text because the colors of the recipe were so cheerful and inspiring . But if you have any questions you can freely ask me by commenting or send me a direct on my Instagram page ( Angelique_lcf ) . 

These are pretty much all of the ingredients we are going to need !

Firstly we smash the biscuits in order to be like sand . Then we add the butter and mix them together until they are finely combined .

We take the biscuit-butter mixture and put it in tart oven dish  . It’s not going to be very applicable so you will have to dirt your hands with biscuit . Try to apply it all over the dish equally . After you are done you place it in the oven and bake the biscuit base . Approximately in 170 degrees for 10′ . BE CAREFUL not to over bake it cause we will later bake it again with the filling .

 While our base is being baked we should start making the lemon filling . Initially mix the egg yolks with the peel of the lemon . Then add slowly the lemon juice and when they are finely combined start pouring the sweetened milk . And DA-da-DA filling is ready .

Once our base is baked we let it rest and cool for a while . Then we pour the lemon filling all over the dish and above the base . And yes it’s as yummy as it looks . Finally we put it in the oven again and bake it for 15′ in air and in 170 degrees . When it’s done we let it cool before we serve it so the base coordinate with the top filling .

And this is the result that is making anyone happy once they taste it . I can’t wait to make this lemon pie again . Let me know if you try it I will be glad to share our lemon love .

( oops !! There is me making full of myself with the lemon cups . Cause why so serious anyways , right ? )
Always yours ,

Angelique XoXo


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