There was that one time that my sister told me ; you can find inspiration in every thing is around you . I didn’t paid much attention to her as she is 5 years younger but she was so right and I was so mistaken that I didn’t realised her advice a lil bit sooner . As the months past and every single one of us goes his one way I am really glad to welcome summer with a very new post .

To continue from where I left , inspiration became such A THING the last few years . Even the hashtag #inspo is one of the most popular around social media , particularly instagram . Different things can inspire different people . And there’s where magic happens . When two or more people are inspired by the same things .. they collide , strongly passionately and foreverl-y ( yes I do believe in this forever word ) . For example I get inspired when I see the colour blue ( sea , pool , jeans ) , also I am having tons of inspo when I am listening to ballads or when I go shopping . I would be glad to know what inspires you . Oh I forgot to mention .. you inspire me best !

Well this time I found #inspo from something much smaller . So I went unconventional and you will see the result later . While I was heading down the stairs to leave the house I gave a glance in our fruit box and I saw a yummy yummy pineapple . It was so cool around the boring apples and bananas . So if you want to make some fuzz be a pineapple around apples 😉 !! So I thought I have to take some photos with my pine-boo .

No more talking and more photos !! The credits to my 5 years younger and very talented sister !!


( Angelique x Pine-boo )


(don’t they fit perfectly ? this combo calms my hectic mind )

DSC_2784 (1)

(typically teasing my little sis but this shot got me)


(I got a vintage attitude here and blame it on stripes and the blur)


(I love open backs and shorts , besides is summer ALL around )


(having a little “american oxygen” moment on the shoot and yass it was so reviling )


(and here’s my whole outfit)

P.S. : Don’t forget to inspire yourself first !

Always yours ,

Angelique XoXo


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