Vitamin sea

The last few days my country Greece is going through some difficult times , it maybe the hardest and most harsh period since my day one . Those difficult times became a worldwide circus with networks all over the world cover all the latest events and decisions made by our politicians and european leaders . I would so easily started writing about this crisis because is what everyone and everyone discusses at this moment . But no I am not going to post anything about this because our life , our future and of course Greece is so much more than a country with lots of loans .

I strongly believe that life is all about optimism and a soul ready to fight for what it wants . No matter how hard the path gets you should stay focused on what you want to become . Because when times get hard only the hard ones continue . But there is a reminder that I can’t help but tell you . You shall always NOT be alone . You are not supposed to be alone . Keep your friends , family and people that matter the most close to you cause everybody wants someone to share the joy when they’ll make it . The point I want to make here is this : I can assure you that life is not going to be utopic and as we plan it . And then there is a question that I would like you to answer : When it will get hard are you willing  to fight for your own dream AND for your own people ?

What makes me happy is writing posts , wear a nice outfit and take a tons of pictures . So this is what I am going to do as long as I am able and have people that wanna see me do good . So here are my tons of pictures I took the other day in one of my much needed days off .

( The so clichè yet amazing summer in Greece )

( I flip my hair back & forth )

( I am so in love with my striped swimsuit it fits unexpectedly perfect )

( Always use my Sun protection ! sunscreen and hats are my beach best friends )

( when shorts seem legit ! My cousin gave me this vintage Levi’s and made me love her even more )

( no caption here , mojito x me = happiness )
Yours Angelique ❤️


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