A few days ago I was with my mother and did our typical mother-daughter chatting which I love cause she seriously opens my eyes widely and gives me strength keeping my feet on the ground . We looked into pictures with outfits I like and I want to remake for the blog . Our favourite was one with a white culotte and bright pink t shirt . I fell in love with this outfit and so did my mother .

I began immediately the research to find these killer culottes . Needless to say I found a hundred because they are pretty much the most in piece for this summer . Though my mother had a little suprise for me . The same night she told me I should search in her closet too because she might have something really interesting . And so I did . In the back of the closet and in the vintage section she had a pair of perfect white culottes . I knew fashion was a never ending circle but I didn’t see this one coming . Guess what I did .. Yass I wore the piece with an amazing pleated black crop top . I felt so in fashion yet so 80’s . Oh I love how fashion works .



( Except the wide leg trousers I believe that the black pleated crop elevates the whole outfit . I got this one from one of my favourite in town stores Iraklis Pantsios )


( I will suggest you three different culottes to choose your own )


( I love Aztec print bags and especially this one which is handmade , courtesy Clic jewels )

DSC_0580 (2)

Always yours ,

Angelique ❤


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