Cool for the summer

We all know one of those summer stories where a mediocre summer turns into the best you ever had in just one night . Well it happened to me too . My summer began with the worst signs . I was working five days a week with no weekends and barely no time for myself . It wasn’t that I didn’t like my job or I didn’t had fun ( cause that was an awesome experience too ) but I needed something more to fill my summer up . So I had to quit and search for adventure and vitamin *sea ! And that maybe was one of the best choices I ever made .

Firstly I visited Parga , the most popular summer destination in Epirus. This small town is situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea and has an insane island feeling . Then I threw myself to Syvota which are pretty close to Parga and have lots of blue flag beaches . Blue flag is a non profit organisation which gives a blue flag as an award to the most clear , beautiful and environmentally worthy beaches . So draw the conclusions yourself .

After having a few days of calm and no party vacations it was the high time for me to visit Chalkidiki and especially Kallithea . Those days were a constant party , meeting new people and renewing my relationships with good old friends . They also had a hidden suprise for me . This suprise made me realise how a summer can change over a night and reversed my “must-s” into “want-s”. Besides there are much better things ahead than those we leave behind .

Enough with my stories . Now I am back in town and enjoy every minute of it until my next mini trip . I threw all my swimsuits in a bag  and I wore my “summer in the city” uniform . Today the lighting was perfect and most of all my sister was in the mood for photos so I couldn’t help than shoot some and post them . How is your summer going ? I hope you all had found your ray of light !

 ( I like to experiment over new filters and “fade” is my current obsession )

 ( kind of sad cultural meaning but it is so artistically beautiful )

  ( the whole ~wearing a skirt~ struggle )
 ( #nifilter#wishyouwerehere only hashtags I can think of )

 ( having the wind by my side when I shoot is my wish for my candles this year )

( it is not that obvious but I am in love with my new anchor bracelet which is combined perfectly with the blue stripped skirt )

  ( blah blah blah never gets old with her )

( Your wings already exist … All you have to do is buy them )

P.S. : summer ain’t over yet !

Always yours ,

Angelique ❤️


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