Night stories

Relaxing at home scrolling through tumblr and listening to music in a weird (not into doing things) situation I realised that I hadn’t post anything in the blog the last two monts . Unaccepted . I felt kind of bad cause when I started blogging I told myself that I will never ever let my personal issues affect the one thing I love most doing . Then I gave those words a second thought and came to the cocnlusion that I must let my feelings overwhelm my posts . Besides those posts are “me” in a more pixie way .

Feelings are kind of sly thoughts that play with both heart and mind . We can not avoid them , we can only live by them . They control most of our desicions and are the main reason of our confusion . Bad, isn’t it ? But what if we used them in a more creative way ? You will now wonder how bad feelings can become creative thoughts just that simple . Well it is not that simple and for every one of us creativity means another thing.

It took me two months and a lot of “getting lost” to make the transition . I had the best people by my side who watched me getting lost and never showed me the way . Cause they knew that I had to find alone my way back . What I can only advise you , is not to think too much , just get sh*t done and always have a vision . Past is past and hard times are to be spent with the ones that know you best or have the will and strength to get to know you .

So inside of all those thoughts I tried to figure out what I should post and what should I write about it . I came back to the crime scene ; my lovely bridge . But now everything is changed .

(sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air , I know I can count on you)

(nothing was that funny at that moment I just smiled for the camera 😛 )

( I am a sunset seeker and I can’t deny the affection of this scenery to me )

( practising my “‘hun” or half-bun , I am so obsessed over this hairstyle )

( I always found weird belt tying intresting cause upgrades any outfit so I tried it myself and looked kind of fancy )

( no need to say how I love my stan’s , everybody should love their stan’s )

( symmetric x black&white . It flows perfectly to me )

Always yours ,

Angelique ❤


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