Wedding diaries

Well, well, well look who’s here . Long time no see . After 8 months of total absence I am back at it . Even though I neglected the blog that much time, and I feel tons of guilts about it, I must admit that I was really trying to post something but all of these tries end up being drafts . So I couldn’t help but wonder, is there something wrong with the theme I chose to write about ? Maybe the pictures weren’t good enough ? Maybe the outfit ? The answer to all of these is no . Everything was fine, except the fact that I didn’t feel like posting .

I had the false idea that if I get to post something it had to be perfect in any way . Have you ever loved something that much that you wanted to be just perfect ?  If yes, I only have one advice for you; nothing becomes perfect, in any possible way, unless you work on/for it . So take an idea and make it big . Take a step and make it a journey . Take a moment and make it perfect . The thing about perfection is that it is differently conceived by any human being and that makes around 7,35 billions ideas of perfect . Choose the one that makes you feel all shades of cool and strive for it .

After understanding that it is not necessary to seek perfection but work for it, I decided to get back in the game . And what’s more exciting than deciding to make a new post ? Attending your cousin’s wedding in a whole new outfit, of course . She got married last week to her loved one, in an amazing location, and it was a beautiful, full of excitement wedding . What made it more exciting was the theme of it ; 60’s era . The bride looked flawless, the rest you can see in pictures below 😉

( it’s like an unrealistic wedding photo , the light, the scenery, everything combines perfectly )

( here comes the bride and the groom ❤ )

( over obsessed with her sunglasses, they add so much style that I would consider them as a wedding essential )


( drums !!! The whole outfit, the shoes, the dress and of course the amazing bouquet )

al's_photography.8-2( if something screams 60’s is this WOW car that transferred everywhere the newly married couple )

Aaaand that’s a wrap of the couple . Those amazing photos were taken by an extremely talented photographer “Stella” . You can visit her facebook page to check her work .

Back to my main photographer/sister ❤  Here’s my outfit of the night, I tried to co-operate with the theme .Hope you have eyes for my outfit after the stunning bride .

( no no my feet didn’t hurt, it is just the pose )

( here you can see the whole outfit; 👠shoes 👗skirt ,blouse 👝bag )


( I am struggling enough for you to understand my thing for  all open back style; give me blouses like that and you’ll have me smiling for long time )

( I was desperately looking for the perfect pair of black sandals, luckily I think I found them )

( the credits for my hair & make up to my bestie Effie, she is a talent and doesn’t even know it yet )

PS : Now that I am back, I promise you nothing but fresh ideas.



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