An umbrella journal

It was long time ago when me and my boyfriend D decided that this summer we are going to have a roadtrip no matter what . Even though I have done plenty of roatrips with my parents in the past, it was the first time that I had to sit on the front passenger’s seat for that much time . And believe me I was super excited about it . Even though we weren’t really sure where we would go, I couldn’t help but thinking how awsome these vacations would be . When we reached at the decision of tripping through Parga, Paxoi & Antipaxoi and finally Lefkada, I couldn’t help myself .

Immediately I started googl-ing  the locations and find out as much  information as I could to make this trip unforgettable . It got me by suprise when I saw photographs of the places we would visit, they looked amazing, like card postals . At first I thought, nah, they must be edited somehow, but no they we trully stunning . So I created a day by day journal of this trip so you can also see the amazing-ness of Greece and, well, some of my outfits . Enjoy 🙂

DAY 1 

The thing about Parga is its vibe . It is on land but I would swear it  is an island . The people, the colors, the view, the experience you get walking around and absorbing the light is kind of inevitable . We will be back Parga, I promise .

( the view from the port of Parga – colors that match the cheerfulness of this place )

( orange is a thing lately so I gave it a shot between those picturesque tiny streets of Parga )

( on our way to Enetic Castle of Parga, I loved the motion of this photo, makes me wanna go to the castle too ! Oh, wait I did ! ) 

( my bag owes to this view as much as we did )



The second day we took a ship from Parga and cruised around Paxoi & Antipaxoi . There is something magical about the Ionian blues and there wasn’t a better way to witness it than a cruise . We got on board early so we could see as much of those blues as we could . Paxoi definetely represent the greek beauty, that combines strict arcitecture with a touch of kindness , the light blue of sea and deep green of mountains . This cruise leaved us owed .


( here is one of the “Blue caves”. I think we all understand how they got their name. Honestly, it was so calm swimming in these waters that only the thought of it, brings me tranquillity )


( at Paxous we ate this delicious plate of pasta, made with their own traditional way. The food was amazing as well as the hommamade gellato they offered us later )

( I am having a bay watch moment into the blues of Antipaxoi )

( this DIY desing in Paxous really got me. I never thought of a chair on a wall, and still they fit perfectly. Imagination and creativity always lead to eye catching projects if you trully believe in them )



The third day consisted a lot of car driving because we went from Parga to Lefkada . The road was easy and we decided to stop and visit “Kathisma” in Lefkada . This beach was stunning, not only for its amazing colors but also for its breathtaking view . A lot of people were doing extreme sports there and I regret that I haven’t tried. Late night we arrived at our hotel in Vasiliki, a little town in the end of the island . This day we decided to take no pictures and keep it all in our memories . I only shot a boomerang of the beautiful, Vasiliki.



Last day, uhh . It was my favorite day of all . We visited Porto Katsiki, the most stunning beach in Lefkada . White imposing stones hugging the beach making natural shadow ’till late evening for those who didn’t own an umbrella. Even though we had to go down taking the 300 stairs I would do it a thousand times again to enjoy Porto Katsiki’s fantastic view and sea .


( I never thought I would go down 300 stairs, but this view was everything and I needed to swim asap because 35°C weren’t any kind of bearable )


( well that’s my best view, him & the sea ❤ )


( when you are not beach ready but your outfit is so cool )


( at night we visited an amazing restaurant which was on 650 m. height and this was our view. Not bad for last day,  huh ? )

P.S. : It was one of the best vacays I ever did . The places, the people, the idea of roadtrip, were even better than I ever imagined . Can’t wait for my next ones ❤



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