2016 in a cup

Just about time for the “new year, new me bulls*ts”. As much as I love optimistic posts about how I am going to lose weight, study more, eat healthy, drop smoking and so on, this is not your standard HAPPY NEW YEAR post.

2016 was a year that “made me realise things” aka Kylie Jenner. A year that changed me from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0, haven’t decided yet. Watching yourself evolving is kinda harsh when you don’t know which way you are heading to. Fronts? Backwards? The good thing is that no one is standing still. Either you want it or not you move. You gotta move. If you are going fronts well done, keep going. If you are going backwards and everything feels like drowning, never mind! Anyhow, from the dearest bottom you can only go up.

During this year, many times I lied hopes on others and let them get into my heart without them having earned that. I let people think that I will always  be there, no matter if they will be there for me. I worn myself out sometimes, only to know that others are fine. And even though I did that with all my heart there were times that I craved the same thing from them. The one thing that I continuselly forgot, was the fact there are not many people in this world that are willing to mess up their calmness in order to get yours in a row.


“selfish & true AF”

So in between those realisations I got to understand one major thing. For every friend lost, for every crooked relationship and for every heart broken there is no one to blame. Really no one. It’s not their fault and it’s not yours either. Relationships, have an amazing start, a full of hopes meantime and a much needed end. This is the way it goes. Start, halfway, end. If you are lucky enough to find your “forever” never ever let it go. Because people are now afraid of forever, afraid of becoming a habit, afraid of everything that might have a little sense in their lives.

Every year has its ups and downs and can challenge every one of us in a different way. I didn’t meant to be irritating or speak upsetting words but these words are my 2016 in a cup. No one is going to save you, if you are not willing to save yourself. Challenges are there only to get our skin thicker and our hearts stronger. Life, unfortunately, is not only fancy cocktails and amazing outfits is also hard times, bad dreams and wrong connections. What makes us special though is, on what we choose to focus on. Dare to focus only in good things, attract positive energy and then spread the light.

For this year I choose creativity and eagerness. Likely, my never resting soul teamed up with my bestie’s kinda weirdo soul and we made “DRUMROLL” 90’sglaze. Two girls/ friends/ monsters with zero knowledge on youtube, video making, and those stuff we just decided that this friendship only lacks a camera. This is a youtube channel narrowing our everyday life, advices and our life in total. This year we decided to glaze it up a little, and of course we want you with us. I don’t know how this new ear s going to treat us but we are not intending to be quite.


XoXo, Angelique ❤



Angelique ❤


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