There was that one time that my sister told me ; you can find inspiration in every thing is around you . I didn’t paid much attention to her as she is 5 years younger but she was so right and I was so mistaken that I didn’t realised her advice a lil bit sooner . Continue reading


Sweet as lemon 

Oh yes dear you read correctly . Lemon can be sweet , as long as it is in a lemon pie ! Today’s post is going to be about a super easy and tasteful lemon pie recipe .
Now that summer is knocking on our doors and heat is becoming an everyday issue I needed to come up with something easy and refreshing . Continue reading

The white dress

While I was transitioning my closet from wintery clothes to summer ones I discovered my Little White Dress which I never wore before cause I felt like a bridesmaid .But now the weather is good and it feels literally like summer in Greece I decided to wear it and make a post about it , generally for the colour white.

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Lust will last

I don’t know if you ever felt this way but I got this thing with sunny days . They inspire me and make me wanna get off my bed ( which is something I hadly do 😛 ) and do things that make me happy . I wanna hear Beatles songs , while I update the blog at my backyard and go for endless walks with people I love . Cause these things scream happiness for me . Continue reading

Cupcake at heart

Three years ago while I was checking my ”weheartit” page I saw several photos of some perfect and so beautiful cakes made in colourful cups . I’ve searched the web to find the most easy recipe in order to execute it . I have to admit I don’t quite own it when it comes to kitchen matters . So I found a pretty simple recipe and decided to make those cupcakes and give them to the people I loved or I was about to love . Continue reading